Our Story

Mike and Simone are from the Netherlands and have been living and working in Antwerp for years. Mike has been owner/manager of the cosy and characteristic restaurant De Peerdestal in the centre of Antwerp (http://depeerdestal.be) for 20 years. Mike and Simone are real bon vivants. For some time they had been trying to find a house in their beloved region of Axarquia in the south of Spain to spend their holidays for a few weeks a year. They had nearly given up hope when they discovered this house in an idyllic location between Riogordo and Comares.

They immediately fell in love with the place. Ten years ago the mayor of Comares had it built but when the economic crisis hit, the house stood unfinished and remained uninhabited.

Mike and Simone at once saw the house’s potential. They bought it and within a couple of months the house was transformed into a characteristic holiday villa. They looked for the best craftsman of the neighbourhood to do the work. In this drastic renovation they used only materials and building methods from the region ( such as the terrace tiles and the typical Spanish built walls, as well as the south Spanish “rejas “ in front of the windows.

The house retains the typical Andalusian style they love so much. Simone gave the house a personal touch by adding Moroccon and vintage elements. They had large covered terraces built with enough lounge and dining options, so you can enjoy being outside, even in the heart of the summer. After all, in summer the temperatures can climb up to 35 degrees.

Standing on the terrace you can hear the rippling of the small river Rio de Las Cuevas and you smell the lemons and oranges that grow abundantly on the river bank.…

Of course the house is equipped with all modern comforts. The Spanish house got the name ‘ Villa Pepita’. Pepita is a seed : the seed has been planted, and Mike and Simone have had it developed into the great holiday villa as it is now.

There is a lovely 8×4 m swimming pool, with sun beds, loungeseatings, an outdoor shower, parasols and a large covered terrace. This is a heavenly spot with a spectacular view of the green mountainous landscape.

Both by day and at night  it is very quiet, allowing you to enjoy privacy at  this luxurious house.

And after a few days of having enjoyed the luxury and quietness of Villa Pepita, you may feel like going for a trip in the surroundings. Our location is perfect for that: beaches, golfresorts and cultural sights are within a 2 hours’ drive.

We hope you’ll have an amazing time in ‘Villa Pepita’.

Mike & Simone